Sending metrics to StatsD

This simple application emits metrics to port 8125 on localhost. The mix-in is configured by passing a sprockets.mixins.metrics.statsd key into the application settings as shown below.

def make_application():
    Create a application configured to send metrics.

    Metrics will be sent to localhost:8125 namespaced with
    ``webapps``. Run netcat or a similar listener then run this
    example. HTTP GETs will result in a metric like::


    settings = {}
    application = web.Application([web.url('/', SimpleHandler)], **settings)
    statsd.install(application, **{'namespace': 'testing'})
    return application

The request handler is simple. In fact, there is nothing of interest there except that it uses StatsdMixin as a base class.

class SimpleHandler(statsd.StatsdMixin, web.RequestHandler):
    Simply emits a timing metric around the method call.

    The metric namespace and StatsD endpoint are configured in
    the application settings object so there is nothing to do in
    a request handler.


    async def get(self):
        await asyncio.sleep(0.25)

    def post(self):
        """Example of increasing a counter."""
        self.increase_counter('request', 'path')